Private Lending

Real Estate Rehabbers buy Single Family Homes by borrowing purchase and repair costs with a Note secured by a Deed of Trust on the property – paying 8-12% interest annually.

Private Parties lend savings and retirement capital directly to Rehabbers, receive monthly payments at much higher rates than banks offer, and get regular return of capital when the Property sells (every 3-12 months).

Quality Rehabbers are uncommon and perform this over 50 times per year in California and in select other states.  Yes, some buy a property every week!  They routinely earn 15-50% annually above the cost of the project.

So, how do you find these Uncommon Quality Rehab Borrowers?

And what do you do after you find them?

Having a System will be important.



David Fahrney, Agent  BRE Lic 02007027

Liberty Real Estate Services Inc, Broker  BRE Lic 01401152

Real Estate Broker – California Bureau of Real Estate